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Cottonwood Soap Company

Wanderlust Soap & Lip Balm Kit

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Introducing our Wanderlust Soap & Lip Balm Kit, the ultimate companion for any journey. Each kit is thoughtfully curated to provide you with a slice of indulgence no matter where your travels take you. Nestled within a convenient zip-top vinyl pouch, you'll find a handcrafted artisan soap that transforms your daily cleansing routine into a spa-like experience. Our nourishing lip balm ensures your lips stay moisturized and protected in any climate. And with the inclusion of the innovative Soap Lift soap saver, your soap stays fresh and dry, extending its life and eliminating mess. Compact, luxurious, and practical, the Wanderlust Soap & Lip Balm Kit is your ticket to maintaining comfort and self-care on the go.

 Available in Two Varieties:

  • Bee's Knees artisan soap, Oh Honey Lip Balm, and Bone Soap Lift
  • Hilton Head Beach artisan soap, Mai Tai Punch Lip Balm, Bone Soap Lift